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Molly Weeks

Research Project Manager
Psychology & Neuroscience
Box 90756, Durham, NC 27708
Smith Warehouse, 114 Buchanan Blvd, Room 223, Bay 8S, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

A Novel Approach for Evaluating a Schoolwide Antiracist Curriculum Intervention

Journal Article AERA Open · January 1, 2024 This manuscript describes our effort to apply a novel approach to understanding student outcomes associated with a schoolwide antiracist intervention. We report a multimethod quantitative approach to evaluate a 10-week antiracist intervention designed and ... Full text Cite

Social relationship provisions and loneliness in school: Child- and classroom-level effects.

Journal Article Journal of school psychology · August 2023 Building on social needs theory (Weiss, 1974), this study introduces the construct of classroom provision richness and examines the association between the exchange of social provisions among children in classrooms and children's feelings of loneliness in ... Full text Cite

Changes in Depressive Symptoms in Response to a Significant Stressor in College

Journal Article International Journal of Community Well-Being · December 1, 2021 Changes in depressive symptoms in response to the experience of a first high-impact stressor (i.e., a stressor rated as both very upsetting and very disruptive) in college were examined as an indicator of student resilience. Participants were 953 college u ... Full text Cite

The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project: Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons Learned

Journal Article International Journal of Community Well-Being · December 1, 2021 The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project (SRWBP) was a collaborative effort to address concerns about college students’ resilience and well-being involving academic researchers and student affairs professionals at four private higher education institu ... Full text Open Access Cite

Correction to: The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project: Opportunities, Challenges, and Lessons Learned (International Journal of Community Well-Being, (2021), 4, 4, (669-690), 10.1007/s42413-021-00138-2)

Journal Article International Journal of Community Well-Being · December 1, 2021 In this article The Student Resilience and Well-Being Project Research Group3 members are (in alphabetical order by institution and last name) Lauren A. Stutts (Department of Health and Human Values, Davidson College); Steven R. Asher, Rick H. Hoyle, Mark ... Full text Cite

General and specific stress mindsets: Links with college student health and academic performance.

Journal Article PloS one · January 2021 The goal of this cross-sectional, correlational study was to evaluate (a) whether beliefs about stress as enhancing versus debilitating (i.e., stress mindsets) vary across sources of stress that differ in duration (acute vs. chronic) and controllability, a ... Full text Cite

Friendships in Childhood

Chapter · January 1, 2018 Full text Cite

Why do the chronically lonely stay lonely? Chronically lonely children and adolescents attributions and emotions in situations of social inclusion and exclusion.

Journal Article Journal of Personality and Social Psychology · November 2015 The goal of this study was to identify mechanisms associated with chronic loneliness by examining the effect of adolescents' accumulated history of loneliness on responses to new social situations. Specifically, this study investigated whether attributions ... Cite

Loneliness in childhood: toward the next generation of assessment and research.

Journal Article Adv Child Dev Behav · 2012 Loneliness is a sad, even painful emotional experience that is thought to result from deficiencies in the quantity or quality of one's social relationships. Assessments of loneliness have evolved to typically include diverse item content that assesses the ... Full text Link to item Cite


Journal Article · December 1, 2011 This article reviews theory and empirical research on loneliness with an emphasis on late childhood through late adolescence and early adulthood. The authors first discuss theoretical perspectives on loneliness from various intellectual traditions - with a ... Full text Cite


Chapter · 2011 Cite