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Floyd A Beckford

Professor of Chemistry at Duke Kunshan University
DKU Faculty

Selected Publications

Algorithm selection for protein-ligand docking: strategies and analysis on ACE.

Journal Article Scientific reports · May 2023 The present study investigates the use of algorithm selection for automatically choosing an algorithm for any given protein-ligand docking task. In drug discovery and design process, conceptualizing protein-ligand binding is a major problem. Targeting this ... Full text Cite

Polynuclear ruthenium organometallic compounds induce DNA damage in human cells identified by the nucleotide excision repair factor XPC

Journal Article Bioscience Reports · July 31, 2019 AbstractRuthenium organometallic compounds represent an attractive avenue in developing alternatives to platinum-based chemotherapeutic agents. While evidence has been presented indicating ruthenium-based co ... Full text Open Access Cite

Chemistry and biology of manganese carbon-releasing molecules containing thiosemicarbazone ligands

Journal Article Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry · April 2019 Full text Open Access Cite

Copper complexes containing thiosemicarbazones derived from 6-nitropiperonal: Antimicrobial and biophysical properties.

Journal Article Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy · August 2017 A series of four thiosemicarbazones from 6-nitropiperonal along with the corresponding copper complexes were synthesized. The biophysical characteristics of the complexes were investigated by the binding to DNA and human serum albumin. The binding to DNA i ... Full text Open Access Cite

Cytotoxic gallium complexes containing thiosemicarbazones derived from 9-anthraldehyde: Molecular docking with biomolecules

Journal Article Journal of Molecular Structure · October 5, 2016 We have synthesized a trio of gallium complexes bearing 9-anthraldehyde thiosemicarbazones. The complexes were assessed for their anticancer activity and their biophysical reactivity was also investigated. The three complexes displayed good cytotoxic profi ... Full text Open Access Cite

Novel microwave synthesis of half‐sandwich [(η6‐C6H6)Ru] complexes and an evaluation of the biological activity and biochemical reactivity

Journal Article Applied Organometallic Chemistry · July 2013 We have used a novel microwave‐assisted method to synthesize a pair of half‐sandwich ruthenium–arene–thiosemicarbazone complexes of the type [(η6‐C6H6Ru(TSC)Cl]PF6. ... Full text Open Access Cite

Synthesis, Characterisation, and Preliminary In Vitro Studies of Vanadium(IV) Complexes with a Schiff Base and Thiosemicarbazones as Mixed Ligands

Journal Article European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry · February 2012 Abstract[VO(sal‐L‐tryp)(H2O)] (1, sal‐L‐tryp = N‐salicylidene‐L‐tryptophanate) was used as a pr ... Full text Open Access Cite