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Jessica Corey

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Thompson Writing Program
Thompson Writing Program

Selected Publications

Materializing Silence in Feminist Activism

Book · January 1, 2021 This book examines how rhetorically effective uses of silence and materiality mediate feminist activism and discusses the implications of these dynamics for pedagogy. Specifically, the text establishes a theoretical foundation for what the author terms “ps ... Full text Cite

Learner-Audience Connections: Using Music to Enhance Rhetorical Understandings of Communication

Journal Article The Atrium: A Journal of Academic Voices · 2016 Cite

Loren Eiseley’s ‘Our Own True Notebook’: Engaging Students in Effective Reflection

Journal Article Pupil: A Sourcebook for Teachers of Rhetoric and Composition · 2014 Link to item Cite

Using Cognitive Psychology and Emotion to Inform the Teaching of Writing as Social Practice

Journal Article Barnolipi: An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences · 2013 Open Access Cite