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Shira Viel

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Mathematics
114 Physics Building, Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708
120 Science Drive, Box 90320, Durham, NC 27708

Selected Publications

Examining the Impact of Introductory Mathematics Courses on Undergraduate Students' Desire to Pursue a STEM Major

Conference ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings · June 25, 2023 Cite

A validation of the short-form classroom community scale for undergraduate mathematics and statistics students

Journal Article Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice · January 1, 2023 This study examines Cho & Demmans Epp’s short-form adaptation of Rovai’s well-known Classroom Community Scale (CCS-SF) as a measure of classroom community among introductory undergraduate math and statistics students. A series of statistical analyses were ... Full text Cite

Algebraic voting theory & representations of Sm≀Sn

Journal Article Advances in Applied Mathematics · September 1, 2020 We consider the problem of selecting an n-member committee made up of one of m candidates from each of n distinct departments. Using an algebraic approach, we analyze positional voting procedures, including the Borda count, as QSm≀Sn-module homomorphisms. ... Full text Cite

Universal Geometric Coefficients for the Four-Punctured Sphere

Journal Article Annals of Combinatorics · March 1, 2018 We construct universal geometric coefficients for the cluster algebra associated to the four-punctured sphere and obtain, as a by-product, the g-vectors of cluster variables. We also construct the rational part of the mutation fan. These constructions rely ... Full text Cite

Generalized splines on arbitrary graphs

Journal Article Pacific Journal of Mathematics · January 1, 2016 Let G be a graph whose edges are labeled by ideals of a commutative ring. We introduce a generalized spline, which is a vertex labeling of G by elements of the ring so that the difference between the labels of any two adjacent vertices lies in the correspo ... Full text Cite

Self-reported Student Motivations to Participate in DEI Service Work

Conference The proposed poster describes information collected from a case study of a DEI initiative in the math department at Kappa University (KU). A Networked Improvement Community (NIC) of faculty members and administrators began meeting monthly to discuss DEI in ... Cite