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COMPSCI 393: Research Independent Study

Recent Instructors

Alberto Bartesaghi
Instructor Alberto Bartesaghi Computer Science
Robert Calderbank
Instructor Robert Calderbank Computer Science
Lawrence Carin
Instructor Lawrence Carin Electrical and Computer Engineering
David Carlson
Instructor David Carlson Civil and Environmental Engineering
Yiran Chen
Instructor Yiran Chen Electrical and Computer Engineering
Bhuwan Dhingra
Instructor Bhuwan Dhingra Computer Science
Pardis Emami-Naeini
Instructor Pardis Emami-Naeini Computer Science
Brandon Fain
Instructor Brandon Fain Computer Science
Rong Ge
Instructor Rong Ge Computer Science
Raluca Mihaela Gordan
Instructor Raluca Mihaela Gordan Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Division of Integrative Geno ...
Maria Gorlatova
Instructor Maria Gorlatova Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alexander J. Hartemink
Instructor Alexander J. Hartemink Computer Science
Matthew Lentz
Instructor Matthew Lentz Computer Science
Ashwinkumar Venkatanaga Machanavajjhala
Instructor Ashwinkumar Venkatanaga Machanavajjhala Computer Science
Maciej A Mazurowski
Instructor Maciej A Mazurowski Radiology
Jian Pei
Instructor Jian Pei Computer Science
Nikos Pitsianis
Instructor Nikos Pitsianis Computer Science
Susan H. Rodger
Instructor Susan H. Rodger Computer Science
Cynthia D. Rudin
Instructor Cynthia D. Rudin Computer Science
Daniel J. Sorin
Instructor Daniel J. Sorin Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kristin V Stephens-Martinez
Instructor Kristin V Stephens-Martinez Computer Science
Xiaobai Sun
Instructor Xiaobai Sun Computer Science
Kishor S. Trivedi
Instructor Kishor S. Trivedi Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alicia Nicki Washington
Instructor Alicia Nicki Washington Computer Science
Andrew Bradley West
Instructor Andrew Bradley West Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Samuel Joshua Wiseman
Instructor Samuel Joshua Wiseman Computer Science
Jun Yang
Instructor Jun Yang Computer Science
Xiaowei Yang
Instructor Xiaowei Yang Computer Science
Anru Zhang
Instructor Anru Zhang Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Division of Translational Bi ...
Danyang Zhuo
Instructor Danyang Zhuo Computer Science

Recent Semesters

  • 2023 Fall Term
  • 2023 Summer Term 1
  • 2022 Fall Term
  • 2021 Fall Term
  • 2020 Fall Term