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HOUSECS 59: House Course

Recent Instructors

Catherine A. Admay
Instructor Catherine A. Admay Sanford School of Public Policy
Zoila Airall
Instructor Zoila Airall Education Program
Victoria S Akin
Instructor Victoria S Akin Mathematics
James Andrew Alspaugh II
Instructor James Andrew Alspaugh II Medicine, Infectious Diseases
Edna Andrews
Instructor Edna Andrews Slavic & Eurasian Studies
Sumedha Ariely
Instructor Sumedha Ariely Duke Global Health Institute
Jed W. Atkins
Instructor Jed W. Atkins Classical Studies
Edward J. Balleisen
Instructor Edward J. Balleisen History
Rukmini Balu
Instructor Rukmini Balu Duke Global Health Institute
Nicole Elizabeth Barnes
Instructor Nicole Elizabeth Barnes History
Kyle Beardsley
Instructor Kyle Beardsley Political Science
Taylor H Black
Instructor Taylor H Black English
John Blackshear
Instructor John Blackshear  
John A. Board
Instructor John A. Board Electrical and Computer Engineering
Nathan Adam Boucher
Instructor Nathan Adam Boucher Sanford School of Public Policy
Kenneth R Brown
Instructor Kenneth R Brown Electrical and Computer Engineering
Daniel Buckland
Instructor Daniel Buckland Emergency Medicine
M. Kate Bundorf
Instructor M. Kate Bundorf Sanford School of Public Policy
Nicolette Cagle
Instructor Nicolette Cagle Environmental Sciences and Policy
James Gregory Chappel
Instructor James Gregory Chappel History
Lisa Andres Cole
Instructor Lisa Andres Cole Thompson Writing Program
Saskia C Cornes
Instructor Saskia C Cornes John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute
Charlie T. Cox
Instructor Charlie T. Cox Chemistry
Michael F D'Alessandro
Instructor Michael F D'Alessandro English
Shaundra Daily
Instructor Shaundra Daily Electrical and Computer Engineering
Sheryl Welte Emch
Instructor Sheryl Welte Emch Thompson Writing Program
Luciana Fellin
Instructor Luciana Fellin Romance Studies
William Fick
Instructor William Fick Art, Art History & Visual Studies
Laura Florand
Instructor Laura Florand Romance Studies
Linda Franzoni
Instructor Linda Franzoni Thomas Lord Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materia ...