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Nurse LEADS: Training in Nurse-LEd models of care ADdressing the Social Determinants of Health

Inst. Training Prgm or CME Grant
Duke Scholars
Michael Vernon Relf
Mentor Michael Vernon Relf School of Nursing
Amy Lynn Corneli
Mentor Amy Lynn Corneli Population Health Sciences
Jessilyn Dunn
Mentor Jessilyn Dunn Biomedical Engineering
Debra Huffman Brandon
Mentor Debra Huffman Brandon School of Nursing
Devon Noonan
Evaluator Devon Noonan School of Nursing
Laura Pat Svetkey
Mentor Laura Pat Svetkey Medicine, Nephrology
Paula J Tanabe
Mentor Paula J Tanabe School of Nursing
Wei Pan
Participating Faculty Member Wei Pan School of Nursing
Mitchell Knisely
Mentor Mitchell Knisely School of Nursing
Bradi Bartrug Granger
Mentor Bradi Bartrug Granger School of Nursing
Donna J. Biederman
Mentor Donna J. Biederman School of Nursing
Susan Gray Silva
Participating Faculty Member Susan Gray Silva School of Nursing
Schenita Davis Randolph
Mentor Schenita Davis Randolph School of Nursing
Matthew M. Engelhard
Mentor Matthew M. Engelhard Biostatistics & Bioinformatics, Division of Translational Bi ...
Mina Ruth Silberberg
Mentor Mina Ruth Silberberg Family Medicine and Community Health, Community Health
Suzanne Barbour
Advisor Suzanne Barbour Cell Biology
Ryan Shaw
Co-Principal Investigator Ryan Shaw School of Nursing
Hayden Barry Bosworth
Mentor Hayden Barry Bosworth Population Health Sciences
Qing Yang
Participating Faculty Member Qing Yang School of Nursing
Kathryn IIonka Pollak
Mentor Kathryn IIonka Pollak Population Health Sciences
Michael Paul Cary
Mentor Michael Paul Cary School of Nursing
Sophia Kustas Smith
Mentor Sophia Kustas Smith School of Nursing
Matthew Janik Crowley
Mentor Matthew Janik Crowley Medicine, Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition
Tolulope Oyesanya
Mentor Tolulope Oyesanya School of Nursing
Kais Gadhoumi
Participating Faculty Member Kais Gadhoumi School of Nursing
Sharron Lee Docherty
Significant Contributor Sharron Lee Docherty School of Nursing
Keisha Leanne Bentley-Edwards
Mentor Keisha Leanne Bentley-Edwards Medicine, General Internal Medicine
Kevin Phillip Weinfurt
Mentor Kevin Phillip Weinfurt Population Health Sciences
David Edward Edelman
Advisor David Edward Edelman Medicine, General Internal Medicine
Julia K.L. Walker
Participating Faculty Member Julia K.L. Walker School of Nursing