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NEUROSCI 494: Research Independent Study 2

Recent Instructors

Rachel Alison Adcock
Instructor Rachel Alison Adcock Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Medicine & Neur ...
Edna Andrews
Instructor Edna Andrews Slavic & Eurasian Studies
Alexandra Badea
Instructor Alexandra Badea Radiology
Miles Berger
Instructor Miles Berger Anesthesiology, Neuroanesthesia
Diego V. Bohorquez
Instructor Diego V. Bohorquez Medicine, Gastroenterology
Noreen Bukhari-Parlakturk
Instructor Noreen Bukhari-Parlakturk Neurology, Movement Disorders
Nicole Calakos
Instructor Nicole Calakos Neurology, Movement Disorders
Kimberly Carpenter
Instructor Kimberly Carpenter Psychiatry, Child & Family Mental Health & Community Psychia ...
Gregory Cogan
Instructor Gregory Cogan Neurology, Epilepsy and Sleep
Carol Anne Colton
Instructor Carol Anne Colton Neurology, Behavioral Neurology
Felipe De Brigard
Instructor Felipe De Brigard Philosophy
Kenneth A. Dodge
Instructor Kenneth A. Dodge Sanford School of Public Policy
Christine M. Drea
Instructor Christine M. Drea Evolutionary Anthropology
Kafui Dzirasa
Instructor Kafui Dzirasa Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Behavioral Medicine & Neur ...
Tobias Egner
Instructor Tobias Egner Psychology & Neuroscience
Mai ElMallah
Instructor Mai ElMallah Pediatrics, Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine
Cagla Eroglu
Instructor Cagla Eroglu Cell Biology
Chantell Skye Evans
Instructor Chantell Skye Evans Cell Biology
Timothy Dale Faw
Instructor Timothy Dale Faw Orthopaedic Surgery, Physical Therapy
Peter Edward Fecci
Instructor Peter Edward Fecci Neurosurgery
Liping Feng
Instructor Liping Feng Obstetrics and Gynecology, Reproductive Sciences
Greg D. Field
Instructor Greg D. Field Neurobiology
Scott Richard Floyd
Instructor Scott Richard Floyd Radiation Oncology
Michael Santo Gaffrey
Instructor Michael Santo Gaffrey Psychology & Neuroscience
Lindsey Glickfeld
Instructor Lindsey Glickfeld Neurobiology
Sarah Catherine Goetz
Instructor Sarah Catherine Goetz Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
Maria Gorlatova
Instructor Maria Gorlatova Electrical and Computer Engineering
Warren M. Grill
Instructor Warren M. Grill Biomedical Engineering
Jennifer M. Groh
Instructor Jennifer M. Groh Psychology & Neuroscience
Rick Hoyle
Instructor Rick Hoyle Psychology & Neuroscience